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VM이미지에 Visual Studio 2010 RC 설치하였다.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate RC - ISO 다운로드 링크

4개 파일을 다운로드 받고 첫번째 파일을 실행을 하면 ISO파일이 생성이 된다.
생성되 ISO 파일을 읽어와서 실행하면 설치가 시작된다.

Install을 과감하게 클릭!!!!

요구하는 하드용량이 7.7GB이다 헐...
이걸보면서 PC사양이 안따라주면 곤란하겠다싶다. 용량뿐 아니라 VS 2010 실행이 잘 되려면
음.. PC사양은 얼마나 되어야할까??

이것저것 설치하더니 어느덧 완료!!!

설치가 잘되었는지 한번 실행해보자!

Visual Studio 2010에는 Cloud Service가 들어갔다.
흠.. 궁금해지는데. . . 흥미진진!!!!!
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IT/IT소식2010.03.02 18:25

Visual Studio 2010 RC(release candidate) 버전 나왔네요. 와우~
참고로 RC란 release candidate으로 제품이 정식으로 나오기 직전에 나오는 버전으로 최종판이라고 할 수 있습니다.

다음 링크는 Visual Studio 사이트임.

다음 링크는 설치하는 방법을 간단히 제공하네요. 참고해서 설치해보세요^^ 저도 오늘 집에가서 고고~
ISO 파일로 Visual Studio 2010 RC 설치 방법
Downloading Visual Studio 2010 and Getting started with ISOs
Note this post has been edited to have people copy the files to their hard drive BEFORE running setup!)

The release candidate of Visual Studio 2010 is only available as iso*…Now for me this isn’t a big deal as ISO’s are the ONLY thing i download when given a choice.
ISOs are very versatile in that i can burn media, mount them in a virtual machine –or run them directly from my computer. 

When i mentioned this to one of my co-workers they said they didn’t know you could run them directly (without burning them to media first)

There are several utilities for this like: MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM or BurnCDCC by TerabyteUnlimited

But the tool i really like and use is by Slysoft called Virtual Clone drive http://www.slysoft.com/en/virtual-clonedrive.html at less then 1.5mb and compatible with Window7– it is a must for every computer i use.

After installing Virtual Clone Drive and downloading the ISO getting started is is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Right click on the ISO you downloaded and open with Virtual Clonedrive


2. Choose Open files when the “DVD drive” is mounted.



3. Copy files to a local hardrive and double click on setup.exe!



For the definitive source of information on installing Visual Studio RC please check out Aarons blog post:
Upgrade instructions for moving from Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 to RC 

 *For our future major betas we will continue to offer web installers!
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